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Lipsky traces its heritage back to 1955 when Herbert Lipsky founded the Levittown Carpentry Company. As post-war families grew, the original Levit homes needed to grow as well and Levittown Carpentry earned its reputation by transforming hundreds of the Cape Cod models into expanded Colonials. Herbert’s dedication to providing high-quality workmanship at a fair price along with superior customer service established the culture that continues to this day, some seventy years later.

Herbert’s sons, Barry and Eric, took over the business in 1973. The sons followed in their father’s footsteps and continued to cater to the residential market for additions and renovations for several years. Eventually, they expanded the business to include attached housing, commercial buildings and public projects including schools, libraries and firehouses, not only on Long Island but across the country. And even though Herbert had retired, he was still there every step of the way because no matter what the project, high-quality workmanship, fair pricing, and superior customer service is what every project owner wants and what engenders success. 

There is no better proof of this than receiving the Jeffrey L. Zogg Build New York Award from the Association of General Contractors an in 2011, Lipsky was given the prestigious award for New York State’s Best Project.

Lipsky operates from its own private office building in Bayport, NY. The masonry and “Old Virginia Brick” building has been recognized as an exceptional architectural contribution to the Long Island community, further testimony to the high standards Lipsky brings to the construction field.

Lipsky staff members have extensive experience and a broad diversity that facilitates and ensures the delivery of exemplary general construction services. Services that include supervision and coordination of all trades as well as our own team of skilled tradesmen. All the components of your project – materials, construction methods and schedules – carefully monitored and administered to assure expected results and timely completion. In addition, Lipsky is bonded with a major Treasury Listed surety for both public and private construction.

Lipsky has a long, well-documented history of successful project completions and a growing complement of repeat clientele. With each project and the satisfaction it brings to the Owner, the Lipsky tradition that Herbert started some seventy years ago goes on. This is your opportunity to become part of that tradition and reap the benefits

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